A Stormy Beginning


I have finally decided to start my blog again and I figured I should start it the same way I started the last one.

...It was a dark and stormy night...

Haha, just kidding. But I am starting it with the first storm that we've had since we got back on the boat in Oriental, North Carolina (a little pea sized town on the NC coast). The storm we just had isn't as big as the one that I first posted about, but still pretty wicked.

To give you a sense of how sudden it was, here is a pic looking in one direction (away from the storm cloud):

And here is looking in the other direction:

I'm standing in the exact same place in both pictures.
I also have a video clip of the storm approaching and eventually hitting us.
'Twas very wet...

I didn't have the best Camera so the quality isn't that great. But it's better than nothing.

The storm passed over pretty fast (seeing as it was moving 25 miles per hour), and we were soon back out on deck to watch it fly away into the horizon.

Here's a pic of it as it zoomed over our mast:
Weeell, anyways. nothing much else has happened since we got back on board. Except the sighting of about ten thousand jellyfish and three big stingrays (which I am hoping to catch one).


P.s. I will be blogging as much as I can. But for a definite, I will try to always blog on Monday. Unless I am battling the evil creatures of the deepest darkest abyss and cannot get internet.


  1. Thats Awesome!!!!!!! Are you having FUN yet?! any idea what the windspeed of the storm was? I will berate you with questions until you DIE!!! anyway, I miss you

  2. yeah I'm having FUN!!! the weather said that the gusts ranged from 30-40 mph (ps you do know that your pic is of you and Jessie, right?)

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!! sounds like FUN.

    (Re: ps yeah I do, I just changed it)