Blood On The Deck


So far the past week has been very quiet and peacful. But yesterday I pulled my crabpot out of the water and I had caught SEVEN crabs!!! (one of which was a soft shell Yummm). But these crabs did not come out of the pot without a fight. My dad, whilst retrieving them, got pinched three times through the heavy duty glove he was wearing and dripped little spots of blood all the way back to the boat.
We he got done cleaning it, we fried up the soft shell (again, yummm) and ate it while the others were boiling. So that night, we had a wonderful dinner of crab enchiladas.

My dad and I are off to Beaufort today (sadly not in our boat) because an engineer is on board installing our new refrigerator system. So I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow of whatever we see on our little adventure.

Until later,
До свидания


  1. Anne tells me the Blue Crabs are all evil... but they do taste good. Many pinches... Like the blog! Hope all is well...

  2. Yes they do.
    Glad you like it,
    are you having fun?