Lookout Bight


My dad and I are spending the day working on the boat trying to get it ready to go to Cape Lookout on Thursday.
Yep, that's right, we're actually going somewhere.
Even though I'm happy to finally get out of the slip, I wish we had picked a better day to work in the engine room. It's 91 outside and 84 inside. I'm panting just sitting here on the computer.
And for that reason I'm going to cut the post a little short so that I don't die of heat stroke or something.
But be assured that there will be pictures and other things from our adventure when we get back.

Au Revoir,


Not Much Happening


Went to Beaufort again on Saturday to see the grand opening of the new Queen Anne's Revenge exhibit. It was amazing. There were tons of artifacts from the shipwreck, even a few pieces of sailcloth!
After the exhibit my dad and I walked around Beaufort for a little and stumbled upon the best used bookstore ever. It had hardbacks for one dollar and paperbacks for fifty cents. My dad and I had to pull ourselves away before we bought too many books.
Well, that's all for today.
until next week



The Sky is Falling!

Hey All,

I'm going to start this blog off with the photos that I forgot to put on last week.
I went ahead and made them into a little slideshow to make it easier to look at them.

(the song is Hills of Connemara by Gaelic Storm)

Last Friday we had an ECU grad student on our dock doing an interview about Jellyfish. (we have a lot of Jellies around here). And a little after the interview we found her and some undergrads dissecting a couple of the sea nettle. A few questions later my dad and I got a whole lesson on jellyfish and an invitation to help out whenever she was in Oriental studying Jellies.
Last Saturday, we went to go sea Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Deffinately not the best, but not the worst. I think the this one and the third one are probably at a tie. but all in all it was an entertaining movie. 
Then, after the movie, when went to go see a band that is local to Oriental. They were playing at a restaurant in New Bern, Nc. and we had very good food and listened to music until about nine at night.
Saturday night, I was sitting up on the foredeck and saw the biggest closest meteorite I have ever seen. it was so huge it lit up the sky. and instead of fading out I actually saw it burst. I swear I thought in a couple of minutes I was going to hear WHOOOOOSSHHHH! and then some big bang as it collided with earth. But, sadly, no such luck.

Until Next Time,